quarta-feira, 27 de agosto de 2008

Seção Atletas: Heike Drechsler - Athletes Section

Aproveitando o clima dos Jogos Olímpicos lançamos uma nova seção no blog.
A Seção Atletas começara homenageando a alemã Heike Drechsler.
Ganhadora de 5 medalhas olímpicas em 3 modalidades diferentes, sendo 2 ouros no salto em distância (1992 e 2000) onde a nossa brasileira Maurren Maggi é a atual campeã olímpica.
Nas 7 fotos vemos como Heike mantinha as axilas sempre lindamente peludas.
Taking advantage of the climate Olympic Games launched a new section on the blog.
Section Athletes began honoring the German Heike Drechsler.
Winner of 5 Olympic medals in 3 different forms, be 2 gold medals in long jump (1992 and 2000) in which our Brazilian Maurren Maggi is the current Olympic champion.
In 7 pictures we see as thebeautifully hairy pits.

3 comentários:

Lastik disse...

Heike´s pits are great, but the most beautiful german athlete is Katrin (or Kathrin) Krabbe.
Caught in doping before Barcelona92, she had a short but good career in athletism. I have some pics of her and, anyway, she´s very, very pretty.
Regards, Frank

Slowdeat disse...

Hello my friend Frank.

If you have pics of Katrin Krabbe or other German celebrities with hairy pits please send to me in


Anônimo disse...

Thanks a lot!

Do you have any video clips of Heike Drechsler?

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